Trigg Leadership Program

Leadership Trigg County


Leadership Trigg County is a program designed to develop the leadership potential existing in our community. It brings together individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, who have a demonstrated talent and commitment for leadership.

The program includes:

 One full day of class every other month in various locations throughout the area.

 Opportunities to network with community leaders and other leadership groups.

 Small group discussions.

 Facility tours.

 Extensive program, class, and community related group presentations.

 Community service events.

 Training in leadership skills.

 Completion of a community project.


It is the goal of Leadership Trigg County to develop a source of informed, civic-oriented, volunteer leaders who are interested in helping direct the future of Cadiz and Trigg County.

The program will:

 Provide a systematic, educational program to familiarize participants with the community’s opportunities, needs, problems and resources.

 Establish an effective dialogue and peer-relationship arena among participants and program alumni, as a common ground for present and future communication.

 Provide a rapport among participants and individuals currently in leadership positions within the community.

 Identify individuals who have demonstrated leadership qualities and concern for the community’s future.


Participation in LEADERSHIP is a competitive process open to individuals living or working in Trigg County. The Selection Committee will select up to (20) participants who represent a cross-section of the community. Applicants must have the full support of the organization or business they represent in order to commit the time and effort required by the program. It is an honor to be chosen for LEADERSHIP; therefore, there is an expectation that the individual will remain involved in Cadiz and Trigg County in the near future. Selection is based on an application that may be obtained from and returned to The Commerce Center by the published deadline date of July 31, 2015.

Pending review by the Selection Committee, all applicants will be notified in August 2015 of their acceptance or nonacceptance. Admission is expected to be highly competitive and those not chosen are encouraged to reapply the following year.


It is an honor to be chosen for the LEADERSHIP program and, as such, attendance at each and every session, class, and activity is mandatory. This includes the opening and closing retreats, the every other month class days, and any other time that is required to fulfill the programs, projects, and community service events. If (only for extenuating circumstances) a class member misses an every other month class session, that individual may stay in the class; however, in order to graduate from the program, the missed day must be completed during the following class year. If you or your employer is unable to make this commitment, it is not in your best interest to apply.


A nominal tuition fee is charged for the LEADERSHIP program, which covers all of your meals and instructional materials used throughout the course. The fee is $250 for Chamber members and $300 for non-members. A participant’s employer or business may select to pay the tuition. Tuition deadline is to be announced with acceptance. No refund of tuition will be issued for any reason beyond one week prior to the opening retreat. A limited number of partial scholarships may be available for hardship situations.

Please give serious consideration to all criteria, requirements, involvement, and attendance mandates before applying. If you have any questions, please telephone Connie Allen at

(270) 522-3892 or (270-350-0182) or email


What Is Next Generation Youth Leadership?

Next Generation Youth Leadership is a community-based program that allows juniors and seniors to develop and enhance leadership skills through a broad range of hands-on experiences. NGYL is scheduled one day each month, excluding December and April, with a special graduation on May 10th.

Community and business leaders serve as “Day Coordinators” for monthly events. The coordinators plan an action-packed day of activities and experiences that will expand your knowledge of most aspects of our community and the surrounding area. Areas of focus include agriculture, business and industry, manners in the workplace and beyond, education, law and government, medical and health, military, leadership, economic development and community issues.

Next Generation Youth Leaders

Congratulations to the 2012-2013 NGYL Leadership Team Members!


Program Leaders

Any of the program leaders can be reached at (270) 522-6075, Trigg County High School

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