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“I don’t wanna talk about my business. I’d rather talk about your business…”



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Hey, this is Drew Hudgins.
I really dig marketing.
The topic is deep and has a ton of moving parts that, not only requires constant learning just to stay relevant—but is also an overwhelming topic.

Here’s the good news.


You don’t need to know everything..
I’d like to take out some of those feelings of being overwhelmed and instead, break some things down where you feel inspired to start taking some small actions to experience measurable wins for your business.
Some things will be explained or demystified… and some things are broken down that just often get neglected.
I wanted to take this Business Spotlight opportunity to:

1) Direct people over to check out the Lunch-and-Learn re-play presentation, “Getting Found is a Third of Your Problem” and


2) Give you a chance to win Starbucks (or $25 Gift Card if you don’t like coffee).

Check it out. Let me know what you think. And I hope you get some inspiration from it.
See the Presentation
-Drew Hudgins
Marketing Strategist
Google AdWords Certified

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